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Welcome To Bucas Grande Island

...a dose to your itch of adventure...

This place is heaven. Staying longer here will definitely be an option once you see this hidden place.Try all the adventures,especially going deep in the caves.Try to swim and look for corals and stingless jellyfish.It's surely gonna be unforgettable.There are native cottages around this place.There are turtles and so many kinds of birds.
- Beth Q.

Bucas Grande Island has been blessed with countless wonders of nature. Here, you can explore the breadth of its mystical caves, coves and caverns; fall to the charm of the forest which displays splashes of vibrant colors and cool shades; get to appreciate the breathtaking view of its upland view parks; swim with hundreds of thousands of non - stinging jellyfishes; get spell-bounded by its inland lakes, falls and rivers; sweat yourself out on your trekking adventure on the rugged and rocky trails; melt in with our old-age culture and tradition and know our humble beginnings; enjoy the freshest catch and take sumptuous meals; while away your day on the group of islets that we have here; catch sight to the fascinating rock formations; and more! There is really so much to explore and surely, a travel of a lifetime awaits you here at Bucas Grande Island.

Here Are A few Shots Taken Around Sohoton Area.

Sohoton Cove Entrance, Bucas Grande Island
Sohoton Area In Bucas Grande Island
Sohoton Area In Bucas Grande Island
Sohoton Area In Bucas Grande Island 1
Sohoton Area Beach, Bucas Grande Island

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We have just renewed our Mayor’s Permit and here are our DTI and BIR Registrations should you want to see them.